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Go Freddie Go - Live - 03 - I Saw He 4.703.01.08 16:53:38Go Freddie Go03 - I Saw Her Standing There2000Live
Standingthere.mp3 0.701.01.19 20:54:20Laurence JuberI Saw Her Standing ThereLJ PLays The Beatles0:00:53112S44
Saw Her Standing There.mp3 0.701.09.10 15:35:49Guns And HosesSaw Her Standing There20010:00:44128S44
You're Still Standing There.mp3 5.902.09.13 08:59:06
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 0.902.06.18 11:36:250:01:00128S44
I-saw-her-standing-there.mp3 0.803.09.23 01:23:49Www.davenevins.comI Saw Her Standing There0:00:53128S44
021116_Karaoke_JaimeSteve_I_Saw_Her_ 3.402.12.25 23:19:1520020:02:52160S44
I Saw Her Standing There- The Beatle 2.802.07.24 18:52:18BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There0:02:55128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 1.601.10.05 17:35:270:01:45128S44
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 2.802.12.05 18:24:03New Artist (39)I Saw Her Standing ThereNew Title (39)0:02:57128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 0.703.02.22 19:15:18
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 2.903.03.28 21:02:48Meat For DogsI Saw Her Standing There - BeaIl Diario Di Sheena0:03:01128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 0.603.01.02 23:09:57UnknownI Saw Her Standing ThereUnk.UnknownUnknown0:00:37128S44
05-EllenAmos-StandingThere.mp3 4.403.12.11 21:08:42Tori Amos (myra Ellen)Standing There1982Lost Recordings4505AF060:03:43160S44
Standingthere.mp3 2.503.03.08 19:50:36On The FlyI Saw Her Standing There2001U Can Judge A Band By Its Coverz390569060:02:41128S44
Meatwhistle-Saw_Her_Standing_There.m 2.702.03.29 00:43:00Saw Her Standing There2001
Mike Tuohy - I Saw Her Standing Ther 1.402.12.24 15:00:34The Robin HoodI Saw Her Standing ThereJammin' With Mike TuohyMike Bamber, Glen Vaal0:01:30128S44
SMUDGE - I Saw Her Standing There.MP 5.401.12.02 03:44:40SMUDGEI Saw Her Standing There0
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 14:57:14Track 122003Untitled - 03-13-03Made with RealJukebo0:01:31 96S44
05-EllenAmos-StandingThere.mp3 4.403.12.11 21:18:36Tori Amos (myra Ellen)Standing There1982Lost Recordings4505AF060:03:43160S44
Isaw.mp3 1.403.04.01 20:58:26The BackBeatI Saw Her Standing There2002Demo #2
04 - I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 0.503.07.12 16:15:34ShooterI Saw Her Standing ThereSamples0:01:11 64S22
Troublemint_Saw_Her_Standing_There.m 2.302.01.08 17:52:360:02:25128S44
Clesta.mp3 06:33:00The CreaturesStanding ThereCleveland, Phantasy Theatre, 3.20:03:12128S44
Saw_her_standing.mp3 2.901.06.29 07:43:26Mike Fab-Gere And The PSI Saw Her Standing ThereTitle0:03:02128S44
T&F-ISawHerStandingthere.mp3 3.704.01.25 23:51:25Trilo & FriendsI Saw Her Standing There0Trilo AcusticThe Beatles0:03:55128S44
I Saw Him Standing There.mp3 2.904.02.19 06:52:17Track 63F05EB070:03:04128S44
MtD - Saw Her Standing There.mp3 2.502.04.17 02:02:25Max The DorkI Saw Her Standing There2002No Thanks, I'm DrivingRecorded at Lake Studios, 2-17-20:02:39128S44
Standing_There_Alone-Live.mp3 4.702.10.29 18:02:10IndifferenceStanding There Alone2002Live At Backstage NYwww.IndifferenceBand0:04:57128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 3.902.08.27 10:06:04The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There2001Live Im Star-Club, Hamburg, 19620:04:09128S44
Ishst.mp3 1.303.05.12 07:00:00GetbackI Saw Her Standing There2003Live In B20:02:52 64M44
05-EllenAmos-StandingThere.mp3 4.403.12.19 14:12:05Tori Amos (myra Ellen)Standing There1982Lost Recordings4505AF060:03:43160S44
Troublemint_Saw_Her_Standing_There.m 2.302.01.08 17:52:360:02:25128S44
Isawher.mp3 3.304.03.05 20:57:03Laura Nadeau & FriendsI Saw Her Standing ThereLennon Fest '020:03:29128S44
Sting_Dave_Matthews_Vince_Gill_I_Saw 2.804.02.09 01:45:250:02:57128S44
Standing_there.mp3 07:59:540:01:04128S44
95.Beatles - I Saw Her Standing Ther 2.404.01.28 15:07:38BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There0:02:54112S44
ISawHerStandingThere.mp3 0.903.12.09 19:45:47I Saw Her Standing There0:00:58128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 01:00:050:02:58 96S44
Daniel Johnston-Continued Story-07-I 00:54:55Daniel Johnston -Continued Story0:02:54 96M22
I_Saw_Her_Standing_There-The_British 0.603.08.06 16:09:08The British InvasionI Saw Her Standing There0:01:16 64S22
Daniel Johnston-Continued Story-07-I 00:54:55Daniel Johnston -Continued Story0:02:54 96M22
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 0.903.07.17 13:18:130:01:00128S44
Associates Band 18 - I Saw Her Stand 1.602.02.18 23:30:250:01:21160S44
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 13:44:290:01:49160S44
Sawher128.mp3 0.503.10.14 16:03:50Saw Her Standing There20:00:35128M44
I_saw_her_standing_there.mp3 2.903.07.10 03:09:490:03:04128S44
Sawher64.mp3 0.503.10.14 16:06:51Saw Her Standing There20:00:35128M44
Standing There.mp3 15:00:130:04:25128S44
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 0.703.10.16 14:29:100:00:49128S44